Remove/Hide Modules from Left section

I had tried to Remove or Hide as per permission. But, it still didn’t helped. I want to remove as much possible from left module access menu, as shown in below screenshot.

Because, Everyone is not Developer, Don’t want to interrupt ERP services by accessing by non-technical person. Integration Module, Lean Module, Support Module should be removed there. Nothing to learn anymore, Every user is not authenticated to get support module.

Have you tried unchecking those in Module Access?

I want to remove highlighted part from left module access menu. I had tried to set the Roles and permission but still it is not working .How can I remove the selected module access?

I have got the solution , only change into modules.js, desk.min.css and bootstrap.css file
Step 1 : Remove the following code from modules.js file
code : href="#modules/{item.module_name}" <i class="fa fa-chevron-right pull-right" style="display: none;"></i> <span>${item._label}</span>;

Step 2 : Remove the code from desk.min.css and bootstrap.css file
.nav-pills > li {
float: left;
.nav-pills > li > a {
border-radius: 4px;
.nav-pills > li + li {
margin-left: 2px;
.nav-pills > > a,
.nav-pills > > a:hover,
.nav-pills > > a:focus {
color: inherit;
background-color: #f7fafc;}

.nav > li > a:hover,
.nav > li > a:focus {
text-decoration: none;
background-color: #f7fafc;

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Why do you have to remove code from backend? In Roles Permission Manager, there is a role called All. By selecting it, you will see a lot of doctypes with Read permissions enabled. If you uncheck Read for a particular doctype, it will not appear in the list on the left.


I want to remove unnecessary modules because it is client requirement to remove the sidebar access modules from ERPnext by using code not by setting Roles and permission. and if user want only inventory module, so there is no need of other modules like Agriculture, Education etc. That’s why I tried to remove unnecessary modules from sidebar.

You can hide them from Desktop Icon doctype
go to your module and check the hidden and blocked checkbox then save

@mayuri I have been trying to do what you described; unfortunately, there’s no code like the one you mentioned in “module.js” . Did you mean, to add them?

@OmarJaber I tried editing “Desktop Icon” doctype; unfortunately I couldn’t edit that doctype even I’m the administrator. The fields are disabled!

can you share screenshot ?

I hope you said about this!

You cant change this because your system is production not developer
If you have your own server check this

Okay; Do you have a developer version? Could you please share the screenshots? I’m not sure I understood the process.


Okay, good. So, now if I want to hide “Human resources” and “Support” etc module from left menu bar; what will I have to do here?

This is the Desktop Icon doc. Could you please describe a bit more about the process?


please follow up this steps: