Remove View this from your browser link


ERPnext adds in email line with “View this from your browser” with the link to the document (Qotation, PO etc) on internal ERPnext server, Is there any possibility to remove this line ?

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Hey, I have the same request +1

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Hi all,

going through the documents again at this point, there still does not seem to be an option to disable the “View this in your browser” link for emails sent from ERPNext.

There is the workaround by changing frappe/templates/emails/print_link.html (see Remove View this in your browser in quote), but this would change the code base and is not optimal.

As I could not find a github issue for this feature request, I have added one: [Feature request]Option to disable email link "View this in your browser" · Issue #5539 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

An update here: this is implemented in v10: Setup > Print Settings then disable Send document web view link in email

I would be great to mention this setting in documentation.
Also to move it to System settings - Email section:


I concur that it shouldn’t be in “Print Settings”. Have added this in our list. Will update once it has been moved. Thanks for the suggestion!