(Resolved) Restore V12 from V10 backups

Which version are you on. The logs seem to indicate version 11, while you say you should be on 12.

Hello @crafter,
I’m running erpnext v12 on my VM.

Hi again, Can you explain the reload-doc command, because I run it and it worked, but when I restore another site in the same erpnext instance, the console throws the same error, and I though that document was in there already when I run that command,

that command download the doctype file in the server again? o…?

thanks in advance

In a multi-tenant case, all the tenants share one single codebase (for example, DocType versions defined in apps like erpnext and frappe).

But likewise in a multi-tenant case, each tenant’s data set restore must be migrated and patches applied to their data set. So patches may possibly raise an error that requires another (earlier?) DocType version, so the case for reload-doc may occur, or to add or change a patch.

That said YMMV - what you observe may differ from my own tentative theory, as I have no practical experience with multi-tenant migration…

This post may help with your understanding Need a better understanding of MultiTenant configurations

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On second thought this struck me - in the multi-tenant case do each restore and migrate into a clean single site instance as Zlash65 outlines in Method 1.

Then, once the data has been migrated to current in that instance, backup and restore that data into the multi-tenant instance.

That process would be more rigourous practice less subject to losing or corrupting data.

To use a VM here would help - to save and restore snapshots to switch instances.

is there a workaround to reload-doc to a specific site? (something like bench reload-doc communication doctype call_log --site [site-name] ). Because, I run the command and its seems like its not working now, but in the main site it worked.

No the architecture does not support that I am am aware - but you could create separate bench instances, one for each site, as revant_one explains here Multiple Bench Instance

That way a given bench would serve an individual codebase dedicated to a given site.

You may want to study his multi-tenant architecture diagram to grasp how the parts relate Need a better understanding of MultiTenant configurations - #4 by revant_one

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thanks @clarkej, As a workaround , I change de default site using
bench use [site-name]
then I run the command
bench reload-doc communication doctype call_log
and It worked.

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Excellent thanks for your followup to point out that workaround…

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This worked a treat! I did find an error in the Error Log view but doing the following fixed that:

bench reload-doc desk doctype event_participants
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