[RFC] New Developer Video Series 2021!

Any news on the series? I believe we just entered the 8th week :grinning:


Excellent Step towards building an ecosystem of ERPNext Developers & Implementers !!

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Any update on release of the videos?

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Where will the videos be published?

Any traction on the release of these videos ?


I don’t know if these are the videos:

But a bunch of new videos has been uploaded there recently.


Seems this project has been sidetracked. @Tropicalrambler did start off but got busy?

I think a lot of members from the community are waiting for the Videos, so it would be great if we can at least know when approximately they will be released

Silence before the storm … :wink:

There are some recent changes in ver. 13 in coding.

@Tropicalrambler any news on the release date ?

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Yeah it seems this is stalled. Is there anyone else interested? The bounty is still live

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These videos are pretty good. They just need a bit of structure, some of them are too long making them hard to follow along.

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I’d like to list out the following for consideration:

  1. Implementing SSL (including other than lets-encrypt SSL) and rolling back the same
  2. Troubleshooting most common dependencies installation errors.
  3. DNS Based multitenancy alongwith running two separate instances from different directories.
  4. CSS used other than bootstrap in Frappe/ERPNext (Helpful in customizing existing print formats)3
  5. Backups, Restore and Integrations

Suggestion , maybe the second runner up could continue , depending on the quality and content the bounty could be adjusted…

@rmehta similar to what some have suggested…

You now have a great roadmap for training and tutorial series. One solution may be for you (Erpnext/Frappe) to first oversee generation of nice screencast presentations approved by your team using temporary voiceover for timecode. Then from there you can find voice over freelancers on fiver or upwork to use their professional studio quality voice sound to replace the audio. It can be relaitively inexpensive if you are doing this (voiceovers) in bulk and you accept a lot of first-read’s from the voiceover professional (not a lot of edits/re-do).

I think doing it this way you would be able to stay within your budget and wind up with high quality / high value training materials.

It will probably be hard for Frappe/Erpnext to be 100% (or even 80%?) happy with tutorial content created outside of the core team since you know it better than everyone and the “missed” opportunities to explain x,y,z feature for each module will stack up if someone outside the group creates these. :slight_smile:

@rmehta Is the bounty still live and if so what is the count