Role/User permission for the Task notifications?

I noticed that whenever any user creates a project/task and assign it to anyone, all the users will see the task notification popping at the top right corner. How will I change the setting? From what I see, it is more of user/role permission.

Right now, if I assign a task to A, then all users (A, B, C) will see the notification. How will I make so that only A will see it? I even tried to reset the User/Role permission for the ToDo doctype but it is already default.

This screenshot below is for the task notification - of which are tasked to some users but all the users can see the same notification regardless of who the tasks are assigned to. Even the system administrator which dont have the tasks, can see the tasks notifications.

You can create a new role which you will assign specifically to that specific user…

@Mute Hi, how will I create a new role? Can you kindly explain the steps on how to create a new role?


Its by design, If you have access to Task, you will get notified whenever Task is created.

Also User can see Allocated Task In TO DO List.

Second: to restrict user based on Task Owner. You can restrict user based on Owner and if user is not owner, you can share Task at the time of Assignment.

(Note: you can also write script to automate this)

Hi @kolate_sambhaji

What do you mean by restricting user based on Task? And from reading the guide, I checked the setting in my company’s ERPNext and it dont have the “If Owner” option. How will I follow the similar setting as shown in the guide?

@chrislee you can go to Roles Permission Manager, where you can add owner based restriction

So user can access Task which is created by themselves.
Now, to give access to particular task to Assigned user, you can share Task with user.

@kolate_sambhaji well is it more of sharing? What I mean is that the notification would appear in every user, instead of the specific user. I want it to be so that whenever a task is assigned to a user, that user would get the notification only, not all the users found in the erpnext.

Right now, the notifications are shown in all the users. How will I change it to the specific user?


Is this issue only due to Notification?
If yes, then please see To Do notification instead of Task.
Task Notification will show all open task in system
To Do Notification will show Task Assigned to user.

Its by design.

@kolate_sambhaji so, in short there is no way to set the Task notification on the web interface to show only for the intended user? It is quite irritating to see all the task notifications in the web.

Can I ask you something about the Email Alert? I want to set up so that whenever a user comments in the tasks, the comment will be sent to the user’s email as a notification. There is a guide available but it doesnt have the Email by Document ID field in the guide. Hence, I want to ask if it is fine to use the Comment By field in the Rows? You can check the other topic I posted some days ago.

Many thanks!

@chrislee One more solution you can make,
In Task create Custom Field(name Assigned To, Linked to User)
Then send email alert to Assigned To user, You can also add permissive based on Assigned To value.

For comment email alert:

  1. make email alert
  2. Subject: {{ }} is updated, please check comment
  3. Document Type: Task
  4. Send Alert on: Save
  5. Recipients: Assigned to

Note: Here is some issue on making email alert on Comment Doctype, since we are not getting Assigned To field in Comment.
Although you can make email alert by writing script in your own app and add hook on_save event of Task. This need some development experience.

cc @makarand_b any easy hack?