Round up problem? digit count of precision is incorrect


we need our item prices in 4 floating precision, but i am not sure erpnext how to handle round up?

for examples:

$1.9265 → $1.9265 (same as my expect)
$2.0265 → $2.0265 (same as my expect)
$2.9769 → $2.9769 (same as my expect)

$2.1170 → $2.12 (not as my expect, strange!)
$2.1720 → $2.17 (not as my expect, strange!)
$2.7090 → $2.71 (not as my expect, strange!)
$2.9220 → $2.92 (not as my expect, strange!)
$2.6490 → $2.65 (not as my expect, strange!)

my system setting is:
4 Float Precision

and i have also tried both number format: #,###.## or #,###.### and,
check or uncheck “Disable Rounded Total” in global setting, but nothing changes.

would you please advise me how to trace and solve this problem? thank you.

some more stange round up problem examples (we need 4 digits!!!) :

$4.0080 → $4.01
$4.1080 → $4.11
$4.2080 → $4.21
$2.7590 → $2.76
$2.9110 → $2.91
$3.0060 → $3.01
$3.0610 → $3.06
$1.2750 → $1.28

Welcome to ERPNext!

To help define and diagnose please more details - example screenshots, version, self hosted andany customization, limited to specific doctypes or pervasive?


hello, thank you for your response.

erpnext is self hosted:

ERPNext: v10.0.19 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.0.20 (master)

we made custom app, but only custom fields, as you seen rate field we keep untouch.

You have various Price Lists in play so refine your case to specific Item and query the database to identify the Rate values concerned and exactly where they come from


i have export data from “item price”, seems all prices are correct 4 digits in database.

the major problem is, when i create a sales order, the only some price (not all prices) rounded up to 2 digits, it is strange because my system setting of both float and currency precision are 4 digits.