S3 Backup Says Success-but no files I see present in the bucket

I am on the latest ERPNext: v12.9.4 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.6.2 (version-12)

I am able to configure S3 backup setting and on save it is created the given bucket successfully, But when I hit “Take Backup”, it give the backup was successful message as well - but no backup files I see in the S3 bucket whatsoever.

Quite surprising that a new bucket is getting created as part of the settings - but no files are getting pushed to the bucket - though the message says success.

Appreciate someone could help me with this issue.


For clues to what is going on, check the log records on both your local and remote end - search the logs for say ‘s3’ and ‘backup’


But no errors in console either, but no files in s3 still. I can however still see the files lying in the site/private/backup folder. It is not deleted either.

Is wondering if the files gets pushed to s3 during the system defined scheduled time of the day, if I set the frequency daily and not at instance I click the button to “Take Backup”. Not sure of this

Best to check the docs and forum to learn what the prescribed behaviour is here.

Perhaps someone can advise you what to expect. I am not a user myself.