Salary - Employer's Contributions not Reflected in COA

Hi all,

As shown in the picture below, I created Salary Components for the following Employer’s Contribution:

  • EPF (Employer’s Contribution)
  • SOCSO (Employer’s Contribution)
  • EIS (Employer’s Contribution)

After that, I created “Employer’s Contribution” table for both Salary Slip and Salary Structure as shown below

Lastly, I proceed with payroll entry; all Salary Components are reflected in COA except for Salary Components in Employer’s Contribution, as shown below.

Can anyone help out for this matter? Thank you in advance.

Hi, is there anyone that can help? Anyone that contributes Provident Fund for their employees?


So why do you want to show Employer’s contribution in the salary slip or salary structure? What is the importance of it as in general you only show employee’s deduction.


Hi @Reema_Mehta, it is mandatory to show Employer’s Contribution in salary slip according to Malaysia’s law. Hence, we also need to have Employer’s Contribution in the salary structure.

Do you follow this Payroll - Employer Contributions - #2 by jignesh_shah
direct booking of the expense on submit of salary slip (via Payroll Entry )?

I am not following this. From my guessing, you proposed a manual Journal Entry, right? I know this can solve the accounting side, but it won’t be a ‘complete’ payroll feature because it should be done automatically.

Yes, I was expecting a direct booking of the expense on submission of salary slip (via Payroll Entry). I thought by creating a separate table, booking of the expense will be done automatically, similar to the case for Earnings and Deductions. But it didn’t, and this is why I raised this topic.

You will have to do coding for the same.

I see. Well, coding and I are strangers… Haha… Any guide or available codes? I believe many users will need it.

You can look at my solution. This will help. Regards

Hi @Frank4U thank you for your help but as I can see in your attachment, I have actually created something similar like yours. But in your solution, the Contribution part will not calculate automatically right? This is a problem that I am facing too; even after I put a Custom Script, it still won’t calculate.

Yes your solution is similar to mine but with yours the contribution figure is not captured under Chart of Accounts. Kindly share your custom code. I want to give it a try

Is there a way to calculate the Employers Contribution and pass Journal Entry automatically for it?
Has anything changed after this post?


No. Nothing has change.

A Year later, has anything changed? any development on this?

No, I don’t think there will be any development on this anytime soon.

How have you @Raymond_Liew managed to deal with this?

@Raymond_Liew hi raymond, may I ask what formula did you used for the calculation of EIS EPF and SOCSO? Or it is calculated manually?

Hi Desmond, have you tried inserting formula for the calculation of EIS EPF and SOCSO particularly for employee deductions? Can you share it with me? Thank you !

I need help on this! Anyone found solution?