Salary Slip Payment

It seems to me that the salary payment system isn’t fully actualized yet, with respect to paying employees. It looks like the only way to do a payment is through the Payroll Processing system, and that creates a single JV for all the salaries going out. This is OK if you’re sending the money to a bank for processing, but if you’re doing it yourself it and need to print cheques or do e-transfers into all your employee accounts, it doesn’t work so well.

It seems to me that you should be able to create Payment Entries to Employees and pull in Expenses and Salary Slips.

Am I missing something or would this be a desirable feature? I’m happy to develop it if needed.

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This is the design as of now since there was a requirement of salaries being secret (not even accessible to accounts).

But there could be an option in Process Payroll where you create a new payment entry for each salary slip, which is usually fine for some companies.[quote=“Ben_Cornwell_Mott, post:1, topic:25987”]
Am I missing something or would this be a desirable feature? I’m happy to develop it if needed.

Sure. Happy to add it as an optional features :slight_smile:

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Hi @rmehta,

So with the current design, how do you handle a situation where you need to pay some employees individually? This is the situation we are facing right now. A few employees couldn’t have their salaries processed along with the others because of unresolved HR Issues. Now that the issues are resolved, we are trying to process for them individually and I thought I was missing something till I found this thread!

Please advise


facing the a similar scenario here (have opened another topic even before I found this one) where I want to individually process salary payments and also simply do not want to touch the HR Module for the moment.

@wale @Ben_Cornwell_Mott have you found a solution for this in the meantime? would be nice to get an idea about how to work around the Payroll dependency.

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