Salary slip submitted, but no journal entries

Howdy Community, hopefully someone understands this feature better than I do!

I have successfully created salary components and associated them to expense accounts in my chart of accounts. I did for both wages/earnings and deductions.

I have setup a salary structure using said components and then saved and submitted a timesheet based salary slip.

Now when I go looking in the GL for the JV’s, I don’t see anything posted. I did not go through the “process payroll” feature. I just did a single payslip manually.

Any Ideas?

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hi @James_Robertson, your question point to the answer, when making salary slips individually they dont get posted unless you run the payroll tool, this is one of the features i would love to see in the future, in the mean while i have to bypass this functionality with core modifications and custom scrip that i am working on.

this is what im trying

Bummer, that is what I was afraid of. With the other payroll things not really in place yet like handling employer costs that are not deducted I am just going to have to develop a JV calculator of some kind. Looking at the Monthly Salary Register report (from the Salary Slips List) as a starting point.

@James_Robertson @Randy_Lowery Might be a good idea to have Make Entry button on submitted salary slips, could you please raise a github feature request for the same.

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Thank you @KanchanChauhan here is Feature Request Submit Salary and post JV from salary slips · Issue #8421 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Thanks @KanchanChauhan. I know that @Randy_Lowery and I have both brainstormed a number of improvements to HR module and Payroll specifically over the past few months. Do you have a sense of a timeframe of when some of these ideas/git issues will be worked on and incorporated into the code base?

Just letting you know that I think I have solved the ability to create journal entries for “Submitted” Salary Slips. There is code in the file that does the work but it is not called when Submitting the Payroll Entry. The code in payroll_entry.js that adds the button “Submit Salary Slips” doesn’t appear to be working correctly. I modified the code to always show the button and the journal entries for the payroll get created.

Send a Pull Request with the proposed fix to help everyone with this problem.

hi there, turns out the code does work as is, to give the ability to make a journal entry for submitted salary slips. However, one must use the payroll entry to create the salary slips. Then once the payroll entry is submitted you have options of submitting salary slips (creates one journal entry for all salary slips) or to Make the journal entry for the actual payment (this is an aggregate one as well). Please note, the “Posting Date” of the Payroll Entry is used to find/locate the salary slips to submit (and create a journal entry from).

I believe we should be able to create non-aggregate (for each employee) journal entries for the payroll accruals when we submit the Salary Slip directly (currently not the case, we must use a Payroll Entry now). Perhaps we should use the code currently in the module to the modify the file to allow for creating of these when each individual salary slip is submitted. Also it would be nice to use something other than the posting date to link the payroll entry and salary slips (add a reference field on the Salary Slip). By adding this more visible link we could put rules in place like: if the salary slip is connected to a payroll entry then one must use the payroll entry to submit the salary slips and an aggregate entry is created but if it is blank then a journal entry will be created for the individual salary slip.

I am willing to work on this plus also note some other work has already been done, by others, to create a payroll voucher which is similar to the payroll entry, which links the Payroll Voucher to Salary Slips


can you please post the link of that PR for reference?

can you elaborate whether there is any progress with this?

I have also seen this issue. As it is now, it is not possible to see individual employee salary balances as in the case of the customer ( that’s the account receivable implementation). It is would be nice to be able to toggle between attendance and salary history at the employee dashboard