Salary Structure base on Hour Work

So basically i don’t have choice to not use the timesheet?

there is something called “Attendance” if I am not mistaken. Does that not record ‘punch in’, ‘punch out’ and likewise hours worked as well?

EDIT: no, it doesn’t. Attendance seems to record only complete days. Not sure what for exactly though. it doesn’t seem capable of creating a salary slip or likewise from it.

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Okay i think it is not possible for calculating by hour. But how to calculate by day. which means by status “Present” in the attendance doctype. i want to generate the salary structure base on status “Present”.

Lets say day = 100 USD
Salary slip = 100 USD + Present in the month.

For simple word, employee’s salary is based on attendance

Im sorry for my english. its really bad. but please help me @vrms

sorry, I have looked at Attendance for the first time in my live. For now I think you can not calculate the salary slip from the Attendance but only from the Timesheet I have so far only created Invoices from it, so I am not familiar with the exact procedure for creating salary slips from Timesheets

I think you may just have to play with it and figure out how that works. Probably similar to creating a Sales Invoice from a Timesheet

One thing I have seen is that you have to assign a Default Holiday List for an Employee before the system allows to use Make Salary Slip from a Timesheet. Also the Timesheet has to be in state Committed before the Make Salary Slip option even appears (on the top right of the Timesheet)

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yeah! i think so. because i just figure out how to create condition that employee must attend to work for 8 hours/day by customizing the form.

About the Default Holiday List is already fix. but thank you for your reply.

@iqbalzahir check if this is what you are after?

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as @LifeP already posted before we should relook at the timesheet/attendance features there is a lots of thinkgs still missing the basic ones.

can anyone raise a bounty for that features we can contribute. right guys?


Yes i’m looking something like that. Currently i try by myself to link the attendance with the salary so that i wil get to generate salary base on attendance that i marked.

Here’s one approach to the solution - Aditya Duggal - Deep ERPNext Customizations at Rohit Industries Group - YouTube
@SOLOSOFT let’s list out feature list and ways to integrate it first?

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@SOLOSOFT anybody can create a bounty. Ideal procedure in my eyes would be to

  1. form a group of interested parties
  2. discuss requirements in detail
  3. write them down in a very structured manner as an issue on github
  4. create a bounty on that github issue and then
  5. relentlessly advertise your bounty (forum, facebook, linkedin … anywhere)

whoever will satisfy your request and deliver the code will be able to pocket the funds. That may be the frappe team or anybody else. If you want me to guide you through such a procedure, feel free to get in touch.

No 1 quality you need for such an endeavor in my eyes is to being consistent and aggressively advertise, advertise, advertise … It’s pretty easy to get suggestions and opinions on a matter, much harder to get anyone to pull out cash for such.

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I just got aware that seem to be plans to establish an ERPNext specific bountysystem on the ERPNext Foundation website. depending on the proceeding of this you can decide where to put your bounty when you’re ready

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I support the idea presented by @LifeP. We need to be able to record attendance with time. Any biometric or time attendance system nowadays will have both a date and a time. Leaving office for x hours is a normal thing. But leaving the office for 0.25days is not normal.


This issue seems to be gaining popularity.
@adityaduggal From the talk last year it seems that majority of points were addressed by you. I’ve tried to generalize the system below. Can you please help us with this?

Looking forward to your experiences and feedback on the above.

Please. ERPNext dev team. Please implement this feature. It’s very important!

Hi all,
I’d like to inform you that I implement this feature.


That is awesome!
Would you be able to send a pull request?

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I will do

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Any update here ??

hello maysaa, can we get connected to tell me about how you made it ?

how can I use this?