Salary Structure not validating conditions correctly

After i process my payroll i have realised some of the validations i have put on salary components are not being validated.

My scenario is as follows.

Employee Base pay = 300.000 (I have already done this in the salary assignment)

I have the following salary components attached to my salary Structure:

House allowance Group A = Condition (base<=100000) Formula (base0.01)
House allowance Group B = Condition (200000<=base>=100001) Formula (base
House allowance Group C= Condition (300000<=base>=200001) Formula (base0.03)
House allowance Group D = Condition (400000<=base>=300001) Formula (base
House allowance Group E = Condition (500000<=base>=400001) Formula (base*0.05)

If the above conditions are set in my salary structure, it means once i process my salary slip for employee whose base pay is 300,000 then only House allowance Group C will be processed and all the others ignored.

Currently with this setup i can see the system validates House allowance Group B and House allowance Group C in the salary slip for the employee with base pay as 300,000. This is not the correct computation.

Kindly assist. Could i be missing anything on my validations/conditions or how is the best way of solving this scenario? Your assistance will greatly be appreciated.

I am using
ERPNext: v12.2.2 (version-12)

Here is the solution: