Sales Invoice: Customer is required against Receivable account

Write Bulk Update in global search bar.

Is it working with customer??

No, unfortunately I’m getting the same error :frowning:

Customer is required against Receivable account 12000 - Accounts Receivable - CCA

same error.??

Did you treid this?

Yes, that’s where I linked it on the customer record.

That error occurs if you set a default receivable account for the invoice item. It should work if you also set a customer in the item but I cannot get it to work. Works fine if you remove the receivable account from the item.

only works if account is an income account, not receivable account.

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I am getting the same message when I raise an invoice in POS and it shows error like “Sales Invoice ACC-SINV-2019-00003: Customer is required against Receivable account Debtors - XYZ”.

What should I do to fix this issue?

@HaroldOsprey Isn’t she (the Machine) able to help you?
Jokes apart

Please check your configurations in POS Profile.
I was getting this error because I had mapped Credit Card (Mode of payment) with Debtor A/C

Version 12 doesn’t let you save the invoice if the item doesn’t have the account.

Hi, is there any solution to this?
I am doing inter company invoices and the error is not letting me do even one!

Any help would be appreciated.

Same here using version 13

This is because your company default stock received but not billed account is not fixed properly just make a new account with your company requirement.