Sales on pos not reflecting on daily sales and not updating on stock

Hello all, I need a very Urgent help:

I have created stock reconciliation (Opening Stock) to bring in my stock. I used Temporary Opening a/c as the difference account.

I created a POS Profile and linked it to my warehouse.

All the sales i made through the Point of Sales is not appearing on my sales history (sales register).
I have checked the POS invoices generated from those my transaction and the status are all “PAID” but when i check my Cash account linked to the mode of payment, it’s showing zero balance.
I have also checked my stock balance, there was no "OUT QNTY’. My stock balance still remains as i brought them through Opening stock reconciliation.

What could be the problem?
Could it be because the value of my stock is still on Temporary Opening Account?
This is a serious issue for me.

@kennethsequeira sir please do you know what could have caused my issue and how i could go ahead and solve it

@peterg sir pls help me

Is your items are marked as maintain stock item.

Please add screenshots with your queries so that people can understand the issue and suggest the required changes


They are marked as maintain stock. Even the POS Invoice created during the POS sale, i opened it and it showed updated stock

have you set Temp opening as Stock ledger? Show the ledger setting information. You can pass a JV to move balance from Temp to Stock ledger. Connect that ledger to warehouse. Would be sensible to have ledger name as Stock in XXX. Name the warehouse as XXX

Show the section where you have set the warehouse for this POS profile. A warehouse has to be set which is linked to a stock ledger

Also check ledger of a Sales Invoice. Open sales invoice and on top right you will see View button. Click and check accounting entry. It should have accounting entry of stock sold. In same button you should see Stock ledger. If that is not there then system is not tracking stock.

From the screen I see that no stock entry is being passed on sales invoice submit. My view is that Temp opening is not a stock ledger so nothing is happening.

Thank you Muzzy,

I suspected that temporary account as well, and have planned to pass a journal entry to move the stock to stock account.

But something surprising just happened now. I decided to go close the point of sale for the day, and after doing the POS CLOSING ENTRY i noticed a sales invoice just created immediately under the Sales Invoice List (Is there a differnce between POS invoice and Sales Invoice?) The reason i ask is that, in the morning when i sold with point of sale, it created pos invoice but there was no stock movement but now immediately i created POS Closing Entry, it created a normal Sales Invoice and my stock reduced as expected, and also my sales appeared on the Sales register unlike in the morning when i made the sales it didnt appear.

Does this mean that it’s only when a Cashier closes his shift with POS Closing Entry that stock will be adjusted? If yes, i dont think its a good approach because the cashier may run out of stock physically while his system is still showing he has stock.

It would be better that as i am submitting a POS Invoice, every ledger including stock should adjust immediately to enable me see actual stock balances on my POS Screen.

Aaah. Yes. this is V13. Core POS behaves this way. On closing of the voucher it passes the entries. Up till V12 the entries are passed per invoice. You may try POS Awesome from here . It works on V13. Updates per invoice so inventory is deducted in real-time.

Other option is go to V12 and use POS Bahrain which works in offline mode. Updates sales invoice and inventory every 3 minutes. POS will work if internet connection is broken with server.

POS Invoice is a bill which send information to make Sales Invoice. Thats normal behavior of all retail POS.

Same issue highlighted here.

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