Sample data for v11

Hi, I red some topic about sample data but it seems there is no such file, DB or csv with sample data to populate erpnext. Could some budy confirm or provide information about?

Thanks all!

Glad to welcome you back camilopianos!

The only demo sample data is what exists in the code (that I know for sure)

Searches will turn up for example Sample data for and own deployments

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Thank you clarkej! i will try it.

@clarkej can sample data stuff go to Erpnext’s doc how to ?

Hi joshiparthin here’s the code entry point -

To my knowledge no docs refer to this. Nor do I know a maintainer or process to add this say here Home · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

None below seem to apply so maybe just add to

My suggestion is to add an issue either here or here



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