Schools appeared, when upgrading to v7

Hello there,

this sounds really strange, but after upgrading to v7 (i had a successfull upgrade to v7 on another server before), Schools appeared. We don’t want and need Schools and don’t know how to disable it.

Do you have any clues?

Thank you very much.

No clues for that, [v7] Update - Schools is merging in ERPNext

@max_morais_dmm Thank you for the link.

My problem is the following:

I have
ERPNext: v7.0.31
Frappe Framework: v7.0.25

on both servers.

One server does show the Schools module, the other doesn’t.

How can it be different?

You need disable the Schools module. In Setup, you can find this option, but I don’t remember where to go!

@ci2016 remove the role “Academics User” from your user account.

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Removing the role still leaves student applicant as it also has a guest permission

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