Section break collapsiable doesn't work

I have customized sales order form and added 2 custom filed . To make those custom fields collapsible I have used a section break . I have checked collapsible checkbox and put entry at collapsible depends on field . But every time I saved the form it remain unchanged and checked status and input on collapsible depends on field field disappear . My section looks like this

@inventobd what is the data you have entered in the depends on field. Maybe the condition is always true in your case. Just tried it on my end. seems to work fine.

@rmehta @neilLasrado here we have some issue, Custom Field table doesn’t contain Collapsible column
when I tested it with Standard Section break, then it works perfectly fine.
but when I tested with custom section break field, collapsible section doesn’t work on custom section break.

we need to add Collapsible Depends On and Collapsible fields in Custom Field table, then it works perfectly fine

@inventobd for now, just add Collapsible custom field in Custom Field, Data Type Check, then again set your section break collapsible.

my test collapsible section

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@kolate_sambhaji yeah seems to be an issue. replicated on my system as well. can you please create a issue on github.

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@neilLasrado yes, I will create github issue.


Hello man thanks a lot for your quick replay . I have tried adding a custom field via setup → Custom field . As module I have selected Selling . Here is what I have added

After that I went to customize form and removed previous section break and added a new section break custom field .

I have updated the form and went to sales order to check . But now where is what I,m getting

Maybe I have missed something or make any mistake . Can u please help ?


go to Setup → Customize Form
Enter Form Type = Custom Field

Add new custom field Collapsible of data type Check

Note: you should add Collapsible in Custom Field instead of Selling, also when you update next time, then remove this field from custom field.


Thanks man . You are awesome . It worked just perfect . So every time I update the system I have to create this custom field again ? Or I need to create both this custom field and section break again ? Should I need to exclude it so that it doesn’t break the update ?


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@inventobd it doesn’t break your update. Just to keep system clean, delete collapsible custom field from custom field.
Also in frappe fields are soft delete, so even if you delete custom field, it remains in the database.

@neilLasrado I have create issue

also send pull request to test same working [minor] Added collapsible to custom field section break #1364 by sbkolate · Pull Request #1367 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

you need to pull my changes and run bench migrate to update database and test.


@kolate_sambhaji Thanks for the pull request, merged and released it.

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Thanks @nabinhait

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