Select Time Based on Company's Country

Hello guys

I am using 2 companies, one is in Dubai and another one in India. And in the company doc, I select the countries of each company.

When setup erpnext , selected Dubai so while I select the time field it display " Asia/Dubai".

How can I remove the “Asia/Dubai”.


While selecting Dubai Company it wants to display time Dubai based and also While selecting Indian Company it wants to display time India based.

Is there any possible way to do it?

Please help make with this.
I am stuck on this problem.


Timezone fields rendering works out better based on user’s timezone instead of company’s timezone. Please select a timezone correctly in the User master and things should pan-out just fine.

Thanks It working.

Thanks for the solution. It helps me a lot to solve my exact requirement.

I added a company field in the user doc, and write a code to select the time zone based on the user’s company.