Selecting POS Profile per location

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I have added a user in 2 POS Profiles but I’m not seeing any way to select between the two! It always just loads the default profile with no way to select between the two. I know this has to be possible because that’s the whole reason there’s a user table in the POS Profile rather than a single link field

Any pointers please?

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Can you share the POS profiles in question? Not able to replicate this scenario…

Hi @jaichavan

Thanks a lot for your response. Please see screenshots below and let me know if you need further clarification


Hi @jaichavan

Any update on this pls? I’ve checked a couple of instances and it’s the same. Only online POS seems to have the option to select POS Profile

Also, the design is flawed in that a user should be mandated to select his/her POS Profile at the point of launching the POS… using a default POS Profile approach is causing issues because users get to another store and forget to select the appropriate profile… this leads to all sales they make in Store B to be recorded under Store A!

This is not a hypothetical scenario, it’s an issue being faced in a production environment right now

These need urgent fixing


To win more attention please record your case with a link here to it Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub