Self Barcode Generation and Printing

He users of ERP i am new here, i want to know that how can we generate barcode for product and print them with my barcode printer like.TSC, ZEBRA, CITIZEN barcode printer. i am in barcode implimentaion filed where we generate barcode from Bartender software and after that client manage there product in different software like marg, tally and any custom retail software,

now if through erp they can manage printing barcode as well than only single software can manage all the task…and last i can generate some coins as well with these…?

@mholdings this is currently not solved in ERPNext. There is a POS print format for sales order that you should look at. This is a first attempt of having some print format for thermal printers, however it does not print to that printer automatically without prompt.

We have programmed a solution for ourselves which is a windows app written in which has a listener connected to a DocType. When a doc is created we then fetch the information and print it to our barcode labels on different kind of printers (Brother, Citizen, Zebra). Every label print is custom coded and the barcode generation is solved in through libraries.

This is a missing feature in ERPNext for enterprise customers, what would have to be done is:

  1. Implement barcode generators for most commonly used barcodes in Frappe Framework (Code128, Datamatrix, QR Code, etc.)
  2. Create a printer connection software that is generic and allows frappe framework to directly talk to the printers on the machine without the print prompt of the browser (Javascript?, generic native listener app in elektron for Mac, Win, Linux?)
  3. Have a user configurable linking table in the user table which links print formats to certain printers (POS → Thermal Printer, Material Receipt → Item Barcode Printer)
  4. Make hooks which print directly on submit events which print to the printer without frappe frameworks print prompt.

Let me quickly give another example:

You want the delivery note number and the item codes to have barcodes in the delivery note so your customers can scan them. When you submit the delivery note you want it to automatically print 2 times on your normal printer and 1 time on a printer with a different paper color.

You need:

  1. Barcode generators for reports
  2. Automatically print on event (hook)
  3. Print certain PrintFormats to certain printers without frappe and without browser prompt
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ya, now I explain more clear. I am Barcode Hardware(Printer, POS, Scanner) Dealer. so when any enquiry comes to me and if they asked for software to manage their product and services as well then i have to forward requirements to another software distributor because i do not have any software to manage all these so sometimes software companies can snatch the client and supply the printer from any other source.

so now i want a strong ERP who can manage retail and manufacturing with barcode…so i can do manage all the things like Barcode Hardware and ERP software as well.

so how can we do these in easy way? as I am not a Developer.

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How to suppress printing (Silent Printing)

Getting annoyed with having to click print for every receipt? Use these browser settings to skip the print dialog box.

Chrome (PC):

Right click the Chrome icon on your desktop (or find in your start menu and right click).
Select Properties .
In the Shortcut tab, place your cursor at the end of the existing text and type “–kiosk-printing”.
Click OK to save.
Change Firefox (browser) settings to automatically print:

Open Firefox and put about:config in the address bar and click Enter
Type print.always_print_silent in the filter box at the top - if you have an entry already there and it is set to false, right click it and choose ‘toggle’ to set it to true
If you don’t have an entry already there, then you will need to right click the screen and choose New->boolean
Enter print.always_print_silent as the preference name when asked and click Enter
Set boolean value to true and press Enter
Please note that the browser will try to print using the last printer you used when you had the dialog box open.


@System19 that would be part of a solution but unfortunately it would then by not selecting the printer print on wrong printer.

@mholdings there is a requirement in the forum here to create PDF417 barcodes by @Riyas_Rawther. Maybe you could join forces, create a bounty for adding the functionality to have PDF generators in Frappe reports?

Printing from web browsers has always been a bit clunky. Does using a service like
help? Not that google needs anymore of our data. There is talk on github of an electron version of ERPNext at some point which would provide native printer driver. Agreed that a frappe based solution is best.

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Another approach would be programming a browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox that would allow Frappe to talk to the system printers.

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@System19, @dominik, @mholdings

It can be solved by this