Self hosting ERP


I have a couple of questions.

  1. I have been told it’s not recommended to use cPanel with ERPNext, what is the reason for this ? Will it still work on cPanel?

  2. If cPanel is not recommended is plesk better ?

  3. It is running MySQL is there still a way to host ERPNext?

To self host ERPNext, you need a VPS or dedicated server running a copy of Linux. A shared host that uses CPanel won’t work for ERPNext.

Thank you. Will it work on plesk?

No. You will need to install manually. Instructions are available at

I highly recommend setting it up on a Digital Ocean droplet (virtual server). $10 a month is pretty easy to take for a full ERP system.
Since I’m not using it for our company website I made a subdomain in cPanel and pointed it to the server to avoid needing a second domain.


Hi felix thank you for your reply. Will installing it manually then work on it ?

@Softwareprofs yes it work.
before install that, you must install python first.

if you want to install erpnext, run this:



For production

sudo python --production

Hi thank you

If I install Python it will work on shared hosting using cpanel and running MySQL ? Or are you saying it will work with plesk Also shared hosting and MySQL ?