Separation of HR & Payroll modules into an app


One more question, Before upgrade to version 14, I have to install hrms custom app?

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You have to upgrade to V14 and then install HRMS app.

Users can’t install HRMS app on V13 as it is already part of ERPNext in V13.


Just curious to know the use of “full_and_final*” doctypes(eg: full_and_final_asset) in the new app as I do not see any particular documentation for it.

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This feature was introduced in v14. Documentation for some features is still missing. We will be working on documentation updates soon.

Linking the PR for context:


I’m in favor of this generally, but there are some migration considerations. Generally I think there’s an overuse of the Employee doctype outside of the HR module and it’s better to use User for a number of reasons.

SELECT `tabDocField`.fieldname, `tabDocField`.parent, `tabDocType`.module FROM `tabDocField`, `tabDocType` WHERE `tabDocType`.name = `tabDocField`.parent AND `tabDocField`.options = 'Employee' AND `tabDocType`.module NOT IN ('HR', 'Payroll');

| fieldname     | parent                              | module        |
| custodian     | Asset                               | Assets        |
| from_employee | Asset Movement Item                 | Assets        |
| to_employee   | Asset Movement Item                 | Assets        |
| employee      | Supplier Scorecard                  | Buying        |
| employee_link | Supplier Scorecard Scoring Standing | Buying        |
| employee_link | Supplier Scorecard Standing         | Buying        |
| employee      | Instructor                          | Education     |
| employee      | Healthcare Practitioner             | Healthcare    |
| employee      | Lab Test                            | Healthcare    |
| operator      | Downtime Entry                      | Manufacturing |
| employee      | Job Card Time Log                   | Manufacturing |
| employee      | Activity Cost                       | Projects      |
| employee      | Timesheet                           | Projects      |
| to_emp        | Authorization Rule                  | Setup         |
| employee      | Sales Person                        | Setup         |
| employee      | Delivery Trip                       | Stock         |
| employee      | Serial No                           | Stock         |

Yes, we have considered this and we would be reducing such dependencies in the next phase. This change seemed too heavy in the first phase due to other dependencies on employee.

I see that the Payment Entry doctype has been refactored to allow apps to define a list of doctypes in hooks. That’s great. Can I ask if this is also the plan for the Education module’s Fees doctype?

In the latest v14-beta, the Fees doctype is currently non-functional because all references have been removed from Payment Entries.

This isn’t that hard and not doing it will result in broken apps. I think its better to make people switch when the data model changes, not when it suits them.

Can I separately install/use HR & Payroll software? without installing ERPNext?

I just this doesn’t drag too much time on releasing v14

If I understood Rucha correctly, Employee will remain a part of ERPNext, not HRMS:


That seems to be correct, and the Employee doctype has been added to the Setup module on the develop branch.

I think that makes sense from a design standpoint. Many companies would need to store employee details, without necessarily also using ERPNext for payroll and hr.



There is a simple question, is there a possibility to add the feature of “Share Cost in Payroll” which means dividing salaries on more than one project according to the percentage.

This is unrelated to this issue, please start a new thread (ideally with a longer description of your requirement). I’m interested in this feature, tag me and I’ll help out. @ERP_Implementer1

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Dear @tmatteson,

Thanks for the clarification, but I saw the topic on the other hand, as this topic talks about the human resources module, so I thought that if it was possible to add a new feature.

Your words will be taken into account and a topic for “Share Cost” will be created and the topic will be shared with you.

Thank you again.


I have opened a new topic …

it there any issue in app hrms?

No it’s seems you are installing hrms in development environment without bench start

Can anyone point me to the link of instruction that should allow me to add the hrms module on the docker installation? I was able to install erpnext successfully using frappe_docker but I found out that HRMS should be added separately. How do I do that?


I was able to figure it out. :slight_smile: Thanks.

@strangerstides Could you please share how did you did it?