Set email alert for any new comment in tasks/projects

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Email by document field allows you to email field from the selected doctype.

Email by role send the email to all users subscribed to that role.

CC allows yo to designate whatever email you want (1 email per line)

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Email by document field:

Not showing all the fields, i have a custom field on the doctype “Purchase Order” that receive an email (the owner of the material requested).

I want to send email just to him (the custom field that receive an email);

But only appears 2 fields: Owner (i dont know who) and Customer_contact_email (i dont have any)



I am also trying to create an email alert when new comments are entered on a Sales Order. I tried following the examples from above, but I keep receiving an invalid message for my condition. See the screenshot below. I am using ERPNext: v10.1.31 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.30 (master)

try the following:

Condition is: doc.comment_type=="Comment" and doc.reference_doctype=="Sales Order"


@michelle, Thank you for your reply. That did not work for me for a couple of reasons. I do not have a document type called “Comment,” and it said your condition was also invalid.

Could this be because of the version I am using?
ERPNext: v10.1.31 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.30 (master)

Seems like it. It tested it on version 13 and it works fine. It should also work fine in v12 since it has a separate comment doctype.

I’m using the v13. I’m having issue to filter comments for specific projects in the Condition field. I tried to use frappe.get_doc but I got invalid syntax.

Also, is there anyway to set recipient to all assignees? The @ to mention a specific person is working fine, but too bad that we don’t have @All


@wojosc: Many thanks. Let me give it a try…