Setup multiple companies under one paren company


I am quite new to ERPNext. I have been following its progress but have never had any occasion to use it practically.

I have a very specific need here.

I have one parent company under which there are 3 sub companies

For example:
Parent Company let us call it ABC
Under ABC there are:

  1. ABC - Mumbai
  2. ABC - Madurai
  3. ABC - Bangalore

How to set this up?

I want the setup in such a way that when I login to Parent company I can see consolidate inventory.

I also want to be able to see a consolidated Balance Sheet and P & L.

If required I should also be able to see individual BS and P & L of each sub company.

But, but when a user from a sub company logs in s/he should only be able to see information related to the company the user belongs to.

Please guide as to how to set this up?


Please check this thread:

I’m not informed about the progress though.

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When setting up ERPNext for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create a new Company.

This will be company ABC. On setup, you’ll see the tax templates, ledgers, warehouses, etc created for this company.

Once this is done, go to the Company master and select an option that says Is Group. This will allow you to create new subsidiaries under ABC.

Next, create a new company from the company list. Here you’ll get an option of Parent Company. Select ABC here. This is how you’ll setup ABC Mumbai, Madurai and Bangalore.

Each company will have its ledgers, warehousing, etc maintained separately and you can view their finances individually as well. Based on this, you can assign permissions so that employees can view only their company data.

For consolidated reports, check this link:

Here’s the doc for the setup: