Setup production problem - superuser privileges required

Hi @trentmu,

I had read the note and see that the reason for sudo for pip3 install frappe-bench is to run sudo bench command later on the process (in setting up production).
But I didn’t see why then the bench command is not found when doing bench init... (the next process)

If setting up for development, without sudo is fine. Bench can init and start. Site can be accessed. So the process is stop without having to go further to bench setup supervisor and so on…

And using pip3 install frappe-bench doesn’t need to git clone the bench -repo.

If want to use bench-repo the command used is pip3 install -e bench-repo

It is hard to solve this error " WARN: superuser privileges required for this command" unless you know user and group concept thoroughly.
You can manually configure supervisord and move-on. Here the document.

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So which one should we use?

pip3 install --user frappe-bench
sudo pip3 install --user frappe-bench
sudo pip3 install frappe-bench

How to get user information… I don’t create any user… There is any default user???