Share Your ERPNext Story

Dear all,

As you know we are in the process of updating the foundation website so would love to add as many users stories as possible.

If you have implemented ERPNext successfully, please take a few minutes to share your story. Each story adds validation to everyone else in the community and will help us grow the ERPNext community even further

Google Forms Link:


We have received 4 responses so far. Thanks to those who took the time to respond! Those who are still thinking about it, please take a few moments. It is really valuable for the community to know about your story.


Now you should have 5 :slight_smile:
BTW : is it possible to collect this via ERPNEXT? instead of using Google forms? Just curious.

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I had the same question. I would love to get in contact with people who create software and sell licenses. Ping me, if that is interesting for you.

These stories are available at & Customer stories.