Shopify is not syncing Stock and other issues

While there are many issues with the erpnext connector , the most pressing one is that its not syncing stock .

Steps followed

  1. Created private app in shopify site .
  2. Copied the api key and password .
    3.tried initial sync (with no products or anything) – success with no issues
    4.Ticked If not exists create item to Shopify check on settings assuming that it would create my existing items in shopify
    Did not work
  3. Created dummy item on shopify website to check – added -name , details ,price and stock-
  4. Pressed manual sync and got the log as successful sync and synced one item – success , super happy
    i thought i won the battle , but alas .
  5. Checked the item which was created - name- right ! , description- right ! , item group - amazingly right! , stock keeping unit – wow right ! , price – 0 ,fail , stock --no fail !

even though the settings , default ware house and everything is set nicely , and its not a sync complete issue as it did sync and create a item,
see the shopify settings page

sorry and i dont prefer generally to tag directly ,
but i really need to get this sorted ,

so @saurabh6790 ,
could you please help !
i really require a 2 way sync of stock for the connector , the stock is the most important ,
auto item creation , price update as well i can do without - but stock needs to be constantly be maintained in between in store and online.

i am willing to even pay a bounty to get this connector 100% .

any help from anyone will be appreciated .

Thanks ,

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@saurabh6790 , if you or anybody in the community can atleast guide me to any code documentation or similar , i am willing to get my hands dirty in code and try to implement something ,

willing to help either way ,

any help is greatly appreciated .

Well i upgraded to version v11 for erpnext where shopify was inbuilt , then i set the secret key again and waited for sync as in new version manual sync is not there –

but it never did get synced even after 12 + hours

please help.

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Do you solved this? Does the shopify connector has a two ways stock sync?

My thoughts to learn Shopify sync status -

Frappe moved connectors to the core with the v11 release in January Frappe/ERPNext will have a major update next week! (v11)

So a search like this would probably inform you

To summarize what you conclude would help others like you!