Shopping Cart - Rest API


Is there any rest apis to implement the shopping cart in mobile apps or a custom website ?


Please check following link of API for Magento for the reference.

I’m not familiar with Magento, But I though I can do everything with the Rest APIs of ERPNext, So is there a way to do so ?

I Think the basic idea of shopping cart is to create a draft quotation then submit it and make an invoice (Something like that), If am correct then how to do that with APIs ?

And at last, it’s an e-commerce mobile and website application that need to use ERPNext, So Do you recommend to use magento on top of ERPNext, or just ERPNext with APIs as I thought.


If you are open to Shopping Cart, then ERPNext has connector readily available for Shopify.

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Okay, So it seems that I need to pay extra for shopify account.
All what I need is to make the shopping Cart and the payment, So we’re decided to make call the Rest APIs manually, I need to know what’s the api should I call to close the cycle of shopping and call payments ?

ERPNext has features of e-commerce + payment gateway readily available into ERPNext next. Please check:


Reviving this old discussion, I have the same question as @Amir_Hakim, and the contributed answers did not quite answer it, the question is, or at least, mine, is can I create an app on the side, or a website to sell items on my ERPNext instance? Like if I wanted to list products and their prices, is the following possible:


And get a list of available products which I can get customers to buy on that custom app?