Show or Hide Desktop Icons not saved

Hi everyone,

i am facing another issue after granting Role Permission, the icon CRM not display on user dashboard/desktop.
I created a new role “TestPerm” and include “testuser”, then giving modules “Lead” and “Opportunity”.
I can see CRM menu with “Lead” and “Opportunity” if clicking on icon “Explore”.

I also check on “CRM” from “Show or Hide Desktop”, click Save, but after refresh the CRM is unchecked.

Please refer attached images for more detail.

How could i fix the CRM icon display on user dashboard?
Thank you.

Are you selecting correct user on Show/Hide Desktop?

Check that the user has been granted “Module” access to CRM

Yes, i did same as your screenshot,
Logged in as Admin, select user in Show or Hide Desktop icons, check CRM, click Save, but after refresh there is no checked.

I managed access for a test role “TestPerm” via Role Permission Manager, and only allow “Lead” and “Opportunity” available for this role, that’s why i don’t want to grant whole “CRM” module.

From what I can tell from my experiments with Permissions granting Module access doesn’t do much more than allowing the module to be visible on the desktop, it doesn’t grant permission to the entire module. You control what the user has access to inside the module with permissions and roles.

So you can restrict or allow anything inside a module with permissions, and if the user has permission but no module access they just can’t put it on the desktop.

It seems to me like the intention of “Module Access” was to restrict the user from being able to access an entire module. Unfortunately it doesn’t do that. If the user has even 1 permission set in a module they can always get to that module from the “Explore” button (which we unfortunately can’t get rid of yet) or from putting a top level module shortcut on your desktop.

Again, that’s been my experience, but if someone knows different I’d love to hear it.

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thanks @Dbone for your advise.

i did as your way, and it works as expected.
Basically, grant user to access CRM module, combine with specific role “TestPerm” which is set to limit individual features of CRM likes “Customer” or “Contact”
As result, when user logged in, he only see “CRM” and “Explorer” (default) on his dashboard/desk
Access CRM, there are only “Lead” and “Opportunity” which are already defined to allow from role “TestPerm”

Like the attached screenshots.

In addition, could you please advise how to hide “Communication” under “CRM”, i tried to unselect Communication role, but still not work, also attached the last screenshot.

Thanks a lot.