Significant Quill WYSIWYG Editor problems (v11)

Wonderful, this is really a crucial tool!

Thanks a lot brother, you have helped a lot

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thanks alot but this updated only
Web page
web form

i need to use it in terms and conditions for sales orders and quotations ??

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Exactly my problem. I need this in T&C as I have coded a lot of them and select the needed one in custom script. So I cannot use an html field as the content of this field should need to change depending on a number of conditions.

@jignesh_shah can you speak to the process to allow Jodit to handle additional DocTypes?

In the meantime, this is a general workaround to get Raw HTML into a DocType: Letter Head HTML / Table Setup - #2 by MichaelPinkowski

Super that is indeed a working work around.

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Approach is
Hides Text Editor (Quill) field
Creates a new HTML field to render Jodit on doctype UI
Ultimately, stores value in hidden TextEditor field

Inside desk , for doctype it is done for Item doctype > Website Description field
One may fork the app GitHub - ashish-greycube/jodit_html_editor: Replace Quill Text Editor With Jodit HTML Editor on WebPage and WebForm and extend for the doctypes one is interested in(say Sales Order).

In general one can refer readme for details.

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We’ve tried to use HTML Editor (in-built one) instead of Quill but we get our texts jumping all over on the lines of text. It decides to take some letters and put them in the end of the whole text. So, a complete mess as a result.

Definitely we need an editor that is user friendly. The real end-users of the ERP won’t know anything about HTML, any other code language and would like to make nice texts, letters, terms etc for their clients.

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Have you got the solution?, even i am facing same problem.

It’s painfull to use the editor :sweat:



ERPNext: v11.1.15 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.15 (master)
Python: 3.6.3


Definitely following this for sure. I was also searching similar and end up on this forum. Also, Hi! I am new to this article forum. Would like to learn and share a lot things in the future.

ERPNext is great. Buggy? Sure. A bit cumbersome to deploy? You bet. Powerful? Absolutely. Unfortunately, this is such a basic “bug” that it is going to make the entire system unusable for so many potential users/clients of the system. It really is a shame as it appears to be a nose cutting exercise.


It’s a tough problem. Supporting users back in the wordpress days, there was the usual tinymce, ckeditor etc.

Users would always break the layout, and need help cleaning it up / fixing stuff. CKEditor got to a certain point where it wasn’t too bad.

I note that wordpress has gone to its gutenburg editor into the fture

Their userbase is absolutely huge, and it may be something to keep an eye on. I remember using it in wordpress 5 when it first came out and it was annoying as a developer, but as an end user, I think it makes more sense for them…

Just something to consider, whereby they are abstracting away the html from the user, to the point where they can’t break it so much and have re-usable component blocks. Kind of similar to the javascript folks with vue and angular 4 and react with re-usable components.


Filed a GitHub Issue with reproduction scenario. Could someone check if it’s reproducible in other installations? Just to know if it’s speciffic to my environment. (apparently not)

I found no solution. What I did is I changed the editor in the T&C form so I can insert the lay-out I want. The result is exactly the formatting we want, but the end-user cannot modify the text or he looses the formatting.

Editing rich text is separate from editing HTML. We have personally been using Quill for a while and it seems a big improvement on Summernote, which stopped being supported.

Table editing is a problem, other than that it’s seems pretty good. We are watching this space.

@MichaelPinkowski Thanks for this. Do you know of a way to reverse the changes on this? Able to uninstall, but now the quill editor is hidden, along with the fields after uninstall. E.g., I can no longer see the Website Description field in Item edit screen.

Sorry, I haven’t tried to reverse the process.

You may go to the customize form > Item doctype > Website Description = Unhide it.