Single Doctype Doesn't Update In Database

I created a single doctype with original fields encircled in red in the image below.

This are the values in table of that Doctype

But when I added some fields…encricled in yellow in the image below

The table doesn’t update and the fields column are still the same.

When you added the yellow fields, did you edit the doctype or did you use the customize form tool? Form customizations are stored separately on the backend.

I edited it by searching doctype list and picked the doctypename. Then I added the field there and saved it.

Btw how can I find the form customizations data and where?

Custom fields are in tabCustom Field. I’m not sure offhand where the data is kept. There are a number of different parameters that affect whether doctype definitions are stored in the database or in the file system. Usually, anything with the word “custom” is stored in the database, but I’m not sure that’s absolutely consistent.

Hi, I’d discovered something. It seems that whenever I create a single doctype it doesn’t register to my database. I still don’t know if its just the single doctype or all doctypes in general.