Single Transaction with Items that have different tax rates


How can I make a single transaction that includes items with different tax rates? If people can help me figure this out, I will make a crisp document that will explain the whole process.

Like in a PO or a Purchase Receipt, Purchase Invoice, Sales Order, Delivery Note, Sales Invoice, let’s say I have two items A & B.

A attracts CST @ 2%, B attracts CST @ 14.5%. How can I make a single transactions that has items A & B in it? Here’s what I understand:

Set up Item Tax in the item master. What number should be used? A as CST 2% or B as CST 14.5% or both?

Then I pull these items into a PO, let’s say.

What selection should I make in the Taxes & Charges template section of the PO? CST 2% or CST 14.5%.

How do I show the Tax Breakup separately? Is there a Tax Amount for the item that is calculated?

Getting this right is important for a client, so please don’t suggest to breakout the PO into 2, one each for each of the Tax Categories.




Please check:

On Item master for A item Define
Item Tax:-
Tax Head- Duties and Taxes - I and Rate=2

For Item B

Tax Head- Duties and Taxes - I and Rate= 14.5
Save Both form

-Go to Purchase Order/Purchase Invoice/Sales Order/Sales Invoice form
-On PO Form ,Select Both Item first
-In taxes grid ,on new Row,Consider Tax or Charge For= Total
-Select Type as “On Net total”
-Account head should be same as Define on “Item master” form i.e Duties and Taxes
-Keep Rate as ‘Zero’
-Save PO form .

  • Then you can see Tax Amount by click on “Show tax breakup”

I have similar question, whereas the scenario is bit different.

I want to use the Tax Rate based on the Item and Supplier

  1. If Item A Purchased From Supplier 1 then tax will be CST 2%
  2. If Item A Purchased From Supplier 2 then tax will be VAT 12.5%

May anyone please put some light on this process?

Ruchin Sharma

you can use “Tax Rule” for different Supplier(but it is not Item wise)
But when you select Any item then ,it will take Tax template By default for that Supplier
Tax not will be applicable for respective Item that time .
For those item if you don’t want to apply Tax ,then you can remove Tax template manually.

It is not possible because a Supplier Supply N number of items
and all have different tax structures then in this case if I create PO for any item then the system will automatically take that rate.

There should be an alternate for this.
Do you have any idea what is the use of Item Tax Master which we mention in Item Master.

Ruchin Sharma

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Hi @ruchin78 did you find any solution for this requirement.

No, I didn’t get the solution for the same?

Ruchin Sharma

ok…thanks for replying