[SOLVED] Add weight of product to Add item form

When we create a quotation we click to add a product. I would like the product unit weight to appear on that form

Now, I have tried adding the field to the customize form

but it is not picking up the weight

Can anyone explain what I should put in here so the weight is picked up?


Can anyone help with this?

Have a look at

Thanks JoEz, but not the same issue. Still in V6. But actually the problem is that the field is not there to dispplay. The question is how to populate the field

Solved, found this in another thread

Create custom script based on main form (Quotation)

cur_frm.add_fetch(“item_code”, “net_weight”, “test_net_weight”);

Customize “quotation item” form

Add field called test_net_weight

Move the field to wherever it is required
You can now edit the field to make it more friendly than “test_net_weight”

Reload to clear all the caches

Works a treat :grin:

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