[solved]Customers ability to view their own invoices

I would like customers to view their invoices on the website.
What I have tried so far:

Created user
-the only role that is checked is “customer”
-the only allowed modules are “website” and “selling”
Edited Role permissions manager for sales invoice
-added a row for role "customer to read and print

The customer and the user have the same email address, how else does the user login know to see customers invoices?

When I log into the website as the user and click “invoices” under my account…nothing shows

New erpnext user
Any help would be appreciated?

Also tried
Desk>click on the user
-there is a tab at the top, permissions>set user permissions I added the following:
-Allow “customer” for relevant customer name
-Allow “Sales invoice” for invoice I want them to see

Still not working…

This documantation is exactly what I am trying to acheive - but it does not go into detail on how to create this?


User should be a webuser

The user does show as user type “website user”
There is no role webuser?

Finally figured out that the Customer needs to have the website user added as a contact
That is the link that I was missing!!

I know to the forum users that my lack of understanding of how the software works is very basic - but the lack of documentation is a real time waster - just saying - glad that I figured it out…

Everything works after the invoice is submitted.

Great, you can add a [how to] note showing the problem and steps how you have solved. Thx


Excellent work, I mean notes to be here in the forum to be accessible all in one place, someone from community do search in the forum and he can find it very easily.

Thx again for your coperation

Written by Trevor Smith

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Last Updated: 15 April 2020

How can customers view their invoices in ERP Next?

Bench version 5.0.0
ERP Next version 12.6.0
Frappe version 12.4.1

  • Create customer
  • Create user
  • Apply permissions to the user
  • Add website user to the customer
  • Create and submit invoice
  • Log on as the user

Create Customer

In your ERP Next dash, go to : Selling>CUstomer>Create new customer
Enter details like name, type and email etc - once saved this will create a contact in CRM

Create User

go to: Users and Permissions>User>Create new user
Enter email, first name and last name, uncheck “send welcome email” - once saved this will create a contact in CRM - by default a new user will be type “website user”

Click on the created user and add a password under “change password”

Apply permissions to user

Click on the user created and scroll down to roles - check the “customer” checkbox - save.

Add website user to the customer

Go to: CRM>Contact and pick the website user created - scroll down to “reference” and add row
Link document type is “customer” then pick the relevant customer - save
To check this
go to:Selling>Customer>pick the customer and scroll down to “Address and contact” - you should see that the webuser contact has been added.

Create and submit invoice

Note: This assumes you have created at least one item to add
Create the invoice using:
Selling>Sales Invoice>New - Pick customer, add items and save - submit the invoice.

If you now log on as the website user go to:
My account - click on invoices in the left sidebar - You should see the created invoice!
Note: the only options by default are to read OR print



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