[Solved] How do I get my v11 database into v12?

Please do you have a tested path to move from v10 to v12?.I still have two production servers locked up in version 10.

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All I can say is that I share your pain. I also have some v10 servers that I an unable to upgrade because of the inability to install a functional v11 system.

Sadly, I do not believe we will ever get past this blockage either. The core dev team is only implementing patches and fixes to v10 and v11 “IF” they are already completely worked out by the community and presented as a PR on github. Then of course, there is still the very high hurdles to get “ANY” submitted PR to actually be incorporated into the core products.

At this point I am already working with a developer to transition my v10 databases to v12. We are at the early stages of working out how to go about it and I do not expect it will be a completed project for close to another year simply due to the complexity of doing it outside the normal erpnext/frappe upgrade path. However, when that path is so seriously broken as it appears to be now, we are left with little choice in the matter. Of course the path to get there that we are mapping will not necessarily be easily repeatable. I wish there were better news on this, but I am being quite honest about what we are facing right now and it will not be cheap nor will it be simple.