[Solved] How do I get "Warehouse" column back in Stock Entry List?!?

This has become a problem for being able to fully convert to v13 from my old v10 ERPNext systems.

We do about 200 Stock Entries per day across multiple STE types. We have been using v10 for so long that it has become a convenience to simply look as the Stock Entry List to pick out the particular stock entries that we need to focus on for inventory purposes.

This is easy because the default action of the Stock Entry list was to display a column listing the source and destination warehouses for every STE. (see screenshot below)

Now compare that to the exact same data in my v13 server and the missing column is easy to spot! (see screenshot below)

In order to keep my staff moving at their fastest, I need to get this warehouse column back in the Stock Entry List.

How can I do this? :thinking:


Hi @bkm,

Please click on menu then select List Setting and set field list.

Please check below image:

Thank You!


Thank you @NCP !!!

That is exactly what I needed.

BKM :grin:

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