[Solved] Integrate with External Bootstrap Template

Yes sure @robinz
Below is juat 3 tables and aggregate data… we can show any widget like this…


Dear @Amalendu
Many of us in Community looking for this dashboard like thing,if you dont mind just share the procedure you followed to get a dashboad like the above screenshot


this looks fantastic. it would be great if u share your code or procedure.

thanks in advance. cheers


Surely I will share the code @robinz @hereabdulla

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thanks a lot @Amalendu . eagerly waiting for that

Hi @robinz, @hereabdulla, @ledavidle

I have created the template by

  • Make copy(link) of the ‘public’ folder of my custom app
  • Cut that folder and put it inside sites/assets
  • rename that folder to ‘app name’
  • Create two folders(css and js) inside this folder
  • create/download any bootstrap admin template
  • save it in the www folder of custom app
  • put all js files inside app’s js folder
  • put all css files inside the app’s css folder
  • Correct all the css and js links line of codes in the newly created dashboard.html page
  • do ‘bench build’
  • do ‘bench clear-cache’
  • do ‘bench start’ or serve it any port

Now access the dashboard page.

This is the procedure i followed to create the above page.



@Amalendu Thanks for Sharing…

Thanks for sharing @Amalendu! May I know where can I find a bootstrap admin template like the one you used?

@ wdg You can try



@Amalendu thanks for sharing.

When you mean “put all js files inside app’s js folder” you mean 100% of the js of a admin file?
I ask because the Bootstrap template I have have hundreds of js’s (folder names), two in data, two in dist, one in root, on in js and several other in the “vendor” folder - should I consolidate all of them in the js folder of > frappe-bench > sites > assets.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Amalendu, can you plz guide my how do I integrate my website to the ERP? As the leads may come directly to the ERP.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Jack1
Can you make it clear plz?

Coud you share tha app source code

can it be by symbolic links rather than modifying html?

@Amalendu please explain more am kinda newbie

Nice creation but if you make small video of all you are doing then it will be very easy to understand.
thanks @Amalendu

Hi Amalendu,
May you share the code or your customized bootstrap admin, thank you very much … :slight_smile:

@Amalendu if this method really working for you.

I don’t think so this is correct way to integrate an app into frappe frameworks. frappe bench provide good tools. We need just learn how to utilize the tools. :grinning:

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Hello @hereabdulla, this is also possible with Metabase. You can search it in the forum. I can help you if you struggle.

Hello ?
is there any one make a custom theme ?