[Solved] Looking for Instructions to setup SSL

I have been looking at every post I can find related to SSL certificates and they all seem to have broken links or bad links that now point to something other than SSL information.

Does anyone have a link to the real information about setting up the Lets Encrypt certificate in ERPNext?

(Please do not re-post the old links. Please check any link you intend to post for accuracy)

Thank you in advance…


Hi @bkm

please refere to bench wiki
the first link is a very straight forward discription of using lets encrypt bot
the socond for when you need to use e.g. clients own certs

Using Let's Encrypt to setup HTTPS



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Perfect! That was the starting point I was trying to find. Thank you.



my pleasure… please hit the solution button and mark this threat by altering the heading with [Solved] so the admins can close this