Split profits between company owners - proper setup procedure

Hi there,

There is a company run by its 3 owners ( There is no salary its like a start up ) that have put an opening equity in erpnext and after a while their cash account starting to grow.

  1. So what is the proper way to share some of the profits from the cash account between the 3 owners ?

  2. Also what will happen the “Opening Balance Equity” account ? Is it going to stay for ever with the amount they have put at the beginning what is its use except the start - ignition of the company.

Thank in advance.

This may help - you may need to experiment some How to create Partners Equity accounts in Chart Of Accounts

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Thanks for the reply @clarkej but i dont think it helped me.

Maybe someone else can point me to the right procedure - direction.

Yup dig for answers or hope someone qualified responds!


Can anyone with the knowledge spread light please ?


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There must be a proper way to withdraw cash but not in a salary form.

Can someone please help us on this ?


Please check out this article on git hub.


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Thanks @Ralph_Lavaud i will check it.