SSH Into Virtual Box

I am new to ERPNext and downloaded the virtual box image (development image - on mac machine. Now I am trying to access it via SSH but it’s not working. Anyone can guide me into this?


can you show your VB specs and details please?

@itsaboutcode: connecting to a VirtualBox-based Virtual machine (server) via SSH is not related to ERPNext. Whether or not a VirtualBox-based VM is with ERPNext, you can choose to use various connectivity options to log into it.

There is a big pool of documentation/manuals available to explain tweaks and tricks to configure SSH access to a VirtualBox VM. You can start your research with one of the links below

From my personal experience, I found using SSH to be not stable sometimes if your host machine (your laptop, let’s say) is connected to network via Wi-Fi.


Hi @gvyshnya - Thanks for sharing the links. It was really helpful. Actually the reason asking this question was it was easy to scroll up/down on the console, copy past stuff and doing the actual dev on my mac machine rather on on virtual box.

Following line did the magic and now I am inside the box :slight_smile: . Thanks everyone for great support.

ssh -p 3022 frappe@