Stock Adjustment on Profit and Loss Statement causing negative profit

When I check the Profit and Loss Statement The Stock Adjustments value causing negative profit. On this company until now we didn’t entered any expenses. We only buy and sell without paying to the supplier (supplier is our own company).

This problem is happening only when we choose a particular item. The valuation method is item on Item Master is null. The Stock valuation setting is FIFO.

general ledger

Stock Ledger of iPod

We don’t know how 2,286.75 Dirham came from

Did you set up any VAT on purchases?

No… And the value changes only when we make stock transfer from one warehouse to another (no other cost like landed cost)

I assume you change the basic rate when you do material transfer… Hence the system posted the difference as stock adjustment…

No, we didn’t changed the value. please see the attached image (STE-00080)

Maybe this [discussion] Immutable Ledger - #29 by nabinhait may give some insight into your problem

I guess you did many Material Issues


Since when you are having trouble with this,

If I saw your ledger your stock transfer of STE-00002 does seemed correctly transfer the ipods without having to add some adjustment on it. Did you make any change in setting or did you try (get valuation rate) button so you will fetch the latest valuation rate.
Also make sure that the incoming stock value and the outgoing value should have 0 difference. otherwise it would create a difference value.

This can also happened if you also have 1 same item in 2 warehouse that have 2 different COGS.
When you fetch the data the ERP will fetch Warehouse1 COGS and also Warehouse2 COGS because it fetch the current COGS from each warehouse. make sure this “Total value difference also 0”

thanks everyone for your support…

We found the problem.

When we transfer the item Airpod from Main Store to another Warehouse the Basic Rate is being changing (2786.75). So we manualy changed the amount to 557.35 and changed rate feild to read only.