Stock quantity on hand

hi i would like to know if there is anyway to view quantity of stock available when making sales invoices or purchases invoice oh and in pos as well
its a problem not having it displayed

has anyone any clue on howto do this or is it that its just exclusive to me
it would be great to see the qty on hand of stock while making sales orders quotations invoices or purchases for that matter
maybe qty could be displayed in the dropdown when selecting the stock

Since ERPNext is a browser based ERP.
You can open a new Tab/Window and check the Available Quantity on Item Dashboard simultaneously.

@Manan_Shah thats not like an ideal way i was thinking of qty on hand in the dropdown of the stock item code when making inv so basically maybe we need to change the doc type

ghee whizz has no one ever wanted this
its so cumbersome esp when making invoice to go back and forth into stock and checking qty and prices …i have to add the line and at the end of the line click on drop down check it and if there is no stock then to delete a line
or have stock open in another tab and switch
its such a waste of time , when you can have all that displayed in the item column
the screen shot maybe a way to get a better understanding
we can have the actual qty , and the price next to the item code in the list view
a screenshot might help understanding what im trying to achieve

While creating an invoice, you can just expand the Item child table for the item and check the qty available at the Warehouse which you want to choose. An added effort is to filter the Warehouse to see the “Available Qty” at that location.

@jaichavan yes that i do know my point is what a long story just to get the qty on hand …just say i dont have enough qty so i must then go and delete the line item …would be so much easier if we could have the qty in the drop list in items
somewhere here

somewhere here

wouldnt that be so much easier rather then the long story and then deleting the line if you dont have the correct quantity
if you make invoices with lotz of lines and many invoices yeerrrerrr this is so time consuming
sage pastel has something you press f4 and u got the list with price and qty of the item …
well must say this and not having customer statements that can be emailed month end is a real deal breaker

well i guess im the only one requiring this and not holding my breath to get a response or even an idea of how to do this i dont mind spending monies to get it done or if someone could point me into some direction that i can have coded myself

Perhaps it best to create a GitHub issue for this feature request…

You can achieve that via hooks. I have done like below in


override_whitelisted_methods = {
	"": ""
# myapp/desk/

import frappe
from frappe.utils import cstr, unique
from import search_widget

def search_link(doctype, txt, query=None, filters=None, page_length=20, searchfield=None, reference_doctype=None, ignore_user_permissions=False):
    search_widget(doctype, txt.strip(), query, searchfield=searchfield, page_length=page_length, filters=filters, reference_doctype=reference_doctype, ignore_user_permissions=ignore_user_permissions)
    frappe.response['results'] = build_for_autosuggest(frappe.response["values"])
    del frappe.response["values"]

def build_for_autosuggest(res):
    results = []
    for r in res:
        out = {
            "value": r[0],
            "description": ", ".join(unique(cstr(d) for d in r if d)[1:]),
            "actual_qty": get_actual_qty(r[0]) # get_actual_qty is self implement function
    return results

@hifyaan @SDLyu

This issue was resolved as per this post: