Subscriptions gone wrong?

This also brings up another question. The first invoice in each subscription is paid via a Stripe Payment Request with “Is Subscription” checked. This creates a billing subscription in my Stripe account, but the invoices created by the subscription simply remain unpaid. I understand the two subscriptions systems operate independently, but how am I able to automatically mark my subscription invoices as paid after each billing cycle.

I am a little desperate here. I need to get my subscriptions on the books so I can start collecting from clients for services which I have already started to provide. Any help is appreciated!

If Stripe is managing your subscriptions, then you should let Stripe create an invoice and create an integration to pull it to ERPNext. This feature does not exist out of the box in ERPNext, but would not make sense to use subscription in both systems.

We are trying to use Subscriptions too and it does not seems to work. Same problem, one invoice per hour forever.

I agree, it is redundant to use subscriptions in both systems but this is how the current subscription integration appears to have been developed. I am simply trying to use the subscription system (integrated with Stripe) which is already built into ERPNext out of the box.

I can’t figure out why it constantly creates new invoices every hour. This is my biggest problem.

What was the intended way for handling succeeding invoices after the first subscription invoice? The first invoice is marked paid by the Payment Request, but the others have no automation to mark them as paid, even though Stripe is processing payments every billing period.

Ideally, I would have ERPNext handle all subscription invoicing. Every billing period, ERPNext would make a call to the Stripe API to process payment on a card. This would obviously require ERPNext to store payment card information, requiring an extra level of security. I am sure this is why this route wasn’t used.

I know it may not be a priority, but if anyone is willing to provide some guidance to solving the one invoice per hour issue, it would be greatly appreciated.


Assuming you are self-hosted have you checked the logs for details of say a scheduled process?

I’m working in a PR for this and others subscription issues. I will let you know when I create it.


That is great. I appreciate your help. Please do let me know.

subscriptions never worked. We intervened in the first discussions in github and there were no replies even from the people who performed the functionality.

With our team, we are correcting practically all subscription functionalities. The biggest problem is that then it’s bold to make them merge the PR (and we’re talking about corrections), and much less in V11 (it should as it’s a feature that never worked in this version).

Fredrico, that is good background. It is interesting that it was accepted as stable in V11 given it never truly functioned as it was intended. I appreciate the work that you and your team are doing. Do you have an idea of how long it will take you to polish up?

hi, some fixes about invoices created every hour?

you invoice is creating every hour. But in my case invoice is not creating.

Creating invoice (I believe) needs background scheduler job. So perhaps you can check if scheduler is enabled for your site:

bench doctor

if not enabled, then

bench --site enable-scheduler

I have done but it is not working for creating sales invoice against subscription.

So it works now?

no still sales invoice is not creating automatically, against subscription.

is there any issue regarding sales invoice naming series?

I don’t think naming series have anything to do with the issue, cmiiw.

I did once has the same problem. You can search this forum from me looking for the solution. But I think no one had the definite solution.
And then one day it just worked. I don’t know why and how. Maybe it had to do with me reinstalling and resetup my site.
So sorry if I can’t give any definite solution.

As far as I understand it:

  • the subscription SI needs background scheduler to work,
  • the subscription takes pricing and other data from subscription plan,
  • it needs the start/end dates of invoicing to be set,

Okay… Thank you so much for the help…