Suggestion for Salary Component

Hi all,
Please pardon me if there is already a solution/improvement/reason not/question already on this… but here it goes.
I think the Salary Component doctype in the HR module should have a formula (and maybe a default amount) field.

I believe doing it at this level prevents having to deal with putting it in either earnings or deductions tables in Salary Structure just to get a value to calculate with, encourages DRY and a bit of data encapsulation and also, enabling it calculate based on other components(if exists) from the modular level.
This way, it’s just a matter of linking to the right component in the earnings and deductions table.
These tables however should still retain the formula and amount fields in case of an override for an employee.


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Sounds like a great suggestion, we will surely take it into consideration. Can you please raise a github suggestion as well for this in Sign in to GitHub · GitHub



I guess (though not sure) this might also eliminate the use of the eval statements in the source code(I’m not an eval fan) .

Also solves this problem

Hi Team,

Please have a look at this pull request:

I think it solves the problem highlighted in this topic.


cc: @bomsy @KanchanChauhan