Sum two Time fields

Hello Dears

I have created a new custom field in sales invoice with time type called Duration

and put its default value 00:45

and another field which is also time called end_time

what i need is to sum ( posting_time which is a standard field in sales invoice + duration) and set value to end_time

how can i do it ??

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You can do it using moment and custom scripts.

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        var duration = cur_frm.doc.duration;
        var postingTime = cur_frm.doc.posting_time;
		var hour=0;
		var minute=0;
		var second=0;

		var splitDuration= duration.split(':');
		var splitPostingTime= posting_time.split(':');

		hour = parseInt(splitDuration[0])+parseInt(splitPostingTime[0]);
		minute = parseInt(splitDuration[1])+parseInt(splitPostingTime[1]);
		hour = hour + minute/60;
		minute = minute%60;
		second = parseInt(splitDuration[2])+parseInt(splitPostingTime[2]);
		minute = minute + second/60;
		second = second%60;

hope you find it useful

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Thank you for your reply

i`v changed

var splitPostingTime= posting_time.split(':');


var splitPostingTime= postingTime.split(':');

but the output be like that

when you are assigning the value to end_time just typecast it into int

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Excellent Thanks for your efforts

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