Supplier quotations list view - Wrong "Grand Total" currency symbol and/or value

Hello everyone, I’ve recently found ERPNext and I’m evaluating it’s capabilities. So far, really pleased :smile:

I came accross a strange thing, though, while comparing two different Supplier quotations for the same product.

I set a use case (fairly common in our company) where I need to buy a certain product and can choose from both local and foreign suppliers. Local suppliers send quotations in local currency (ARS), but many foreign suppliers send quotes in USD. Only when the time comes to actually make the payment do we convert to local currency, so I need to keep original USD value in case ARS/USD conversion rate changes in the meantime.

I defined a conversion rate, and in the form views, values seem to convert just fine:

The “Grand Total” (“Total (ARS)” in spanish) is displayed with ARS symbol, in the “Total ARS” column, but the value is in USD.

This is obviously misleading, since I cannot compare quotations at first glance.

I’m not sure if I happened to find a little bug, or I made a mistake while configuring / using the “Buying” module.

Has anyone had this problem? Is there a workaround (from a user perspective)? Or is it a code thing? :confused:

@abelinux thanks for reporting.

@saurabh6790 can you look into this.

Seems confusion is causing due to same currency symbol for Argentine Peso and US Dollar.

To avoid confusion,

  • Add A$ as a currency symbol for Argentine Peso
  • Set in list view for Net Total (Company Currency) via Customize Form.
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Thanks @rmehta and @saurabh6790!

I changed currency symbol, and the list looks better now. It shows correct values, so that’s a better start.

Then I tried your second advice, and after digging around a little, I finally managed to understand what you were saying, and now the list is showing values converted to local currency. Great!

What would be even better was if I could show both values on the list view: ARS and USD totals.

So, I tried adding both to list view (by enabling In List View in both fields): no good. Then I guessed maybe they simply don’t fit, so I tried changing the width (was blank by default). Tried 15% or 80 or 80px (which seemed correct values from inspecting the page with Firefox). Just in case tried 50px as well. None worked.

Is there a way to show extra columns in list view? How can I handle columns width?


@abelinux column widths are unfortunately not very flexible


:unamused: :pensive: :sob:

quite similarly here as well.