Table Multiselect - TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'e.fields')

To make things even more clear, here are the screenshots of the doctypes:

Doctype 1 = Dive guide name

Doctype 2 = Dive guide

Doctype 3 = Itinerary

Eventually the Itinerary doctype is added in the Event doctype like this:

NOTE: The Event doctype is edited using Customise option.

Can anyone help to take a look at this before I must pay someone to fix this bug ? It’s holding us back from other developments.

Pretty please :slight_smile:

Can’t let this get buried, it’s too important.

Help please :slight_smile:

Link to error report Table Multiselect - TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'e.fields') · Issue #19040 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I am still unable to use the Table Multiselect field …

Anyone has any idea please ? :slight_smile:

The bug still blocks us from using the table multiselect field.

We’ve hired a developer experienced with erpnext / frappe - getting close but still not fixed yet.

Are you using Itinerary DocType (which doesn’t has is_child_table ticked) as a Table field in Event Doctype?

True, the itinerary doctype is not child table.

Only child table DocType can be linked to a Table field in another DocType.

I’ve tried that before and I tried it now again.

Dive guide doctype - child_table
Itinerary doctype - child_table

The result is this error in the browser console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'fields' of undefined
    at o.get_link_field (table_multiselect.js:137)
    at o.set_formatted_input (table_multiselect.js:110)
    at o.set_formatted_input (class.js:53)
    at o.set_input (data.js:76)
    at n (base_input.js:69)
    at o.refresh_input (base_input.js:88)
    at o.refresh (base_control.js:85)
    at init.attach_doc_and_docfields (layout.js:325)
    at init.refresh (layout.js:223)
    at GridRowForm.render (grid_row_form.js:24)

Earlier I put Dive guide doctype as a normal doctype… I refreshed the event and the table multi select worked.

After I refreshed the event to test it again, it didn’t work anymore.

Such a weird thing haha

Keep on being a pain on this subject …

As communicated, the current frappe form does not support 3 tier doctypes: main doctype-child doctype-grand child doctype, because on backend(python side) the base hard coded the CRUD(Create/Read/Update/Delete) logic for the main doctype’s child records only .

To fix your reported issue, I am trying to create a new LinkMultiSelect base on existing TableMultiSelect.

Yeah, let’s see if we can find a work around. I am very happy to sponsor a new type of field as long as we make erpnext more flexible.

Finally I created another new MultiLinkSelect control which now can be used in child table also

this new control is derived from Link ,
, the options in doctype definition is same as Link field’s options, no need to create a separate doctype with at least one link field to be created for MultiTableSelect field/control.

the field is a kind of normal data field field with multi selected linked name separated by comma as the content, see below

in conclusion, this new control is simple and straight forward compared to TableMultiSelect.

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Finally PR feat: new field type Link multi select by szufisher · Pull Request #8832 · frappe/frappe · GitHub created, thanks Julian who funded this development and agreed to contribute to Frappe core.


Hey @szufisher

I can’t seem to find Link Multiselect in my form types. Here’s what I’ve tried:

goto doctype, find docfield, goto type field, add Link MultiSelect to option

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Awesome. Thanks ALOT @szufisher, this actually works!

good,if possible please upvote the PR.