Tally Integration with ERPNext

Hello, please step by step guide to how tally integrate with Erpnext…?

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I am wondering Why?

ERPNext provides everything that Tally offers and even more than what Tally offers. Why not just use ERPNext for everything?

Which part are you trying to integrate?

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If a company is already using Tally (or any piece of software), it’s not always easy to just switch, and use ERPNext.

  • People often have very strong opinions or attachments to software. Sometimes emotions are more powerful than facts.
  • The cost of conversion (learning a new system + data migration + re-training employees + consultants + gap customization) may be considered too high.

So you may not have a choice.

If the business owners insist on staying with Tally, sometimes your only option is to support them as best you can, and move forward.


Yes, I’ve faced this problem when we transitioned from MS Dynamics to ERPNext. Convincing the team took two months and transition took another two months. But i felt it was better to pull the kill switch, considering cost of running parallel softwares which pretty much does the same things, right at financial year closing date. We just kept the MSDNAV server ON for next 6 months and then on a parked mode for another 6 months and later completely got rid of it.

Yes indeed it is difficult transitioning.

I was an MS Dynamics AX consultant for about 12 years. I can totally relate. :slight_smile:

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from my point of view
using 2 system is more complicated
for my experience, most of my clients are using other software odoo and local software
we provided data entry service for opening data
so that they can just focus on their day to day operation
we have to support them until they get confidence to go with ERPNext
I’m agreed that there were change resistance from team members when we upgrade new system
collaberation is the most important to be successful implementation

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I know Erpnext better but, as of now our need is all billings for sales and buying side integrate with Tally. If you know so, please give me step by step guide.

for that point, you need integration software between ERPNext and Tally

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Please guide, how its work…?

@Sahil_Patel Please specify which modules or what data you need to flow to where? If you can be more specific, I guess members will be able to contribute more to your question.

What you said is, for the time being you are only planning on sales invoicing in ERPNext right? And maintaining all buying in Tally itself.

In sales invoicing, the following are affected:

  1. Customer Ledgers
  2. Item Ledgers
  3. Cost of Goods Sold Ledger
  4. Tax Ledgers
  5. Sales Ledger
  6. Payments

Which all parts of the transactions are crucial for you, and need to pull into Tally?

Integration is possible, but in my opinion integration is not a practical way, for your requirement. I don’t know if there is an existing solution for this, if not then this would take considerable development cost.

However, consider going through these links, might be helpful:

Most important :slight_smile: