Tax invoice layout

my problem is when i create my custom print format the space between contain so i want to remove that kind of space i hardly try but i cant solve it can you tall me what is problem.
and one more thing is i want to know freight charges filed name so i can put in to my source code.

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Freight charges is also a part of the tax table, no separate field for that.

By the way, your print format looks good for GST tax invoice in India. Will you mind to share the code or send a pull request for it?


Hello Nabin,

I hired freelancer Ashit for the customizing invoice, I idea is to make Standard Indian GST like Invoice Layout(or say Tally) like Invoice. I do have tally but, I really like erpnext for ease of use as I am Engineer and I don’t have Accounting background. Ashit is doing detail coding for me and we almost finished layout etc., we can not solve few things like.

I don’t mine to share code with anyone, I can send code to you in pm, but I think better to make one final code instead of lot of revisions. Here are changes I am looking for…

To do Must

  1. Display of Freight Charges, Packing Charges and Insurance in New Layout, and add it to total amount and calculate gst on it. I am attaching two png of same invoice, in new layout it is not displaying or calculating freight charges but if I changed to our old format it works. How to solve the problem. I had attached screenshot of both print format.

  2. Remove Un-necessary spaces table rows so that we can print 5-10 items invoice in one page to save the paper.
    I had created the space saving address format and code is released here: New GST Format Better Print Single Paper Layout you can see new address format in both screenshots

  3. From GST numbers I would like to call first two letters of State code and insert it in the new layout.

Nice To Have

  1. For Invoice Items, Banded Rows Like Excel(Different color for odd even rows for better readability)

Hi @svalambhia,

The print format looks great. Would you mind sharing the code?


Sorry to reply you late… Ashit has left us for better prospects and problem with his formats was he changed some variables to constants from original code and some other problems… So,I modified his code lot but and it works but can not say it works flawlessly. There are some issues of adding freight… if i use base code in loop which do add lines dynamically if data is entered but it disturbs table… the problem with erpnext is whenever you ask for help in forum people reply something else… perhaps I am not programmer so I did not asked them in right way… Anyway We have been offered tally for about half discounted price through industry association. so purchase it.I still have lot of faith in Erpnext because it is very good for people who do not come from accounting background and workflow makes sense

I personally sicked to old invoice format which I modified from orginal erpnext gst format, which is draft or image1.png

You have to apply following in custom css in print format plus address format change which I had posted it in another thread please check out…don’t ask me which one … there are no big code changes just some adjustments…

.section-break { padding: -15px 0px; border-bottom: 1px solid #eee; }
.section-break:last-child { padding-bottom: 0px; border-bottom: 0px;}

other settings

Now Code for new Tabular layout… just for reference let’s hope someone from erpnext will make it usable…

Oh when I paste html… it converted and can’t past whole thing…and i can not attached anything other than image… there is no point to attach image of code… please guide I will past code…

old print layout sometimes goes to two pages… use direct print pdf print from chrome and then print that page… or use pdf editor to make it one page…