The connection has timed out

Hi everyone,

Im using erpnext v13 for a retail store.
The app is self hosted in cloud.
Db size 500mb.
Recently migrated to self hosted v13 from v12 from frappe subscription.

There are 3 users using the app from the office. If someone login and use erp for purchase related works. The app become un available to everone in the office and shows an error message in browser “The connection has timed out”

We found that the ip becomes blocked. We dont know why and the reson? We didn’t try any big queries or generate reports.

Please help to fix this.

Thanks in advance


@Ajithprakash It is due to fail2ban service you can simply whitelist all your company’s static ips in fail2ban jail

We dont have static ip, in that case how to resolve this issue?

@Ajithprakash In this case you can do two things:-

  1. Whitelist your ISP Domain in fail2ban Refer this link
  2. Stop your fail2ban service by entering sudo service fail2ban stop in your terminal…
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thanks @aashishvashisht6 for the solution.

i tried the ignore ip method and its worked, but few users have loading problem. Is any other reason for me to check?

Also from jail.conf can we block all IPs and allow only the given ips?

@Ajithprakash What loading issue you are facing?
I think that’s all depends upon your connection speed.
Yes, we can block all IPs but I think that’s no use for you because if you want to connect from any other IP. it will block your access

For connections or server responses, You can check bench logs and Nginx logs in your server.